Ukraine Using Unconventional Weapons Against Russia — Hobby Drones

Ukraine Using Unconventional Weapons Against Russia -- Hobby Drones

Ukraine Using a SHOCKING Weapon To Stop Putin – Nobody Expected This!

( – Ukraine is still battling Russia, and they need more weapons to do it successfully. Allied countries like the US and France are helping with military aid. Still, Ukrainians are reportedly crowdfunding the money they need to pay for weapons and using unconventional weapons to retaliate against Russia’s assault.

According to a New York Times report, Ukraine is using civilian drones, which go up to 70 miles per hour, and outfitting them with grenades. A Ukrainian drone operator going by the name of Oleksandr said Americans recently brought a dozen of the flying vehicles. Ukrainians equip them with explosives and spy on Russian fighters to obtain tactical information.

Oleksandr said the drones don’t live very long, sometimes just a couple of days, because the Russian military targets them. Still, he explained their missions in those couple of days are very important.

Officials in the country and private companies are appealing online to convince foreign citizens to donate things like drones, thermal imaging devices, satellite phones, and other military equipment. The Ukrainian embassy in Prague raised almost $30 million from 100,000 people to help with “immediate assistance in procurement of military equipment” in under 3 weeks.

Simon Schlegel, a Ukrainian analyst for the Crisis Group think tank, told the Times he thinks it’s “quite striking” how “little networks of people can buy almost anything,” and the country’s defense efforts are rooted in civil society.

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