Ukraine Will Not Cede Territory to Russia to End Conflict

Ukraine Will Not Cede Territory to Russia to End Conflict

Ukraine Calls Putin’s Bluff – Makes Big Announcement!

( – May 24 marked the three-month anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Thousands of people have died because of the unprovoked war. Despite speculation that Ukrainian officials might be able to end the conflict by giving President Vladimir Putin some of its territory, the war-ravaged nation has made its stance clear: that isn’t going to happen.

According to the New York Post, Ukrainian officials decided against any concessions to Russia or a ceasefire. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said, “The situation in Donbas is extremely difficult.” That’s the area in eastern Ukraine where Putin has focused much of his military might. Russian forces finally drove Ukrainian soldiers from Mariupol, a port city, after weeks of bloody fighting. Russia is also winning in Luhansk, one of the provinces in Donbas.

Still, it doesn’t matter how much Russia advances because Zelenskyy’s lead negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak told Reuters the country wouldn’t accept any deal with Moscow that involves giving up territory. He claimed the war wouldn’t just stop if Ukraine made concessions; instead, “It will just be put on pause for some time.” After a while, Podolyak believes Putin would rebuild his army, acquire more weapons and launch another war against Ukraine, “even more bloody and large-scale.” He clarified that the only way to stop the war is if Russia pulls out.

Russia doesn’t seem to have any plans to pull its troops from Ukraine any time soon. It looks as though this war will continue for the foreseeable future.

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