Ultimately, Trump Makes GOP Stronger and Democrats Weaker

Ultimately, Trump Makes GOP Stronger and Democrats Weaker

(UnitedVoice.com) – Over the last year, America was hit with one devastation after another, but there’s hope. As Joe Biden is inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20, Conservatives lament what lays ahead. However, as hard as it may be, there are opportunities ahead. With every door that closes, another opens.

President Trump did America an incredible service through his presidency. At the same time, his four-year term was marked with obscene obstruction, Democratic misinformation, and hatred from the Left. While he was unsuccessful in draining the swamp, he did something far better. He exposed it to be deeper than anyone ever imagined and brought out the real players that harm America who aren’t in the government.

Some Democratic voters stayed with the party because they believed Biden would moderate the party. Yet, that doesn’t appear to be the direction he’s headed. That creates a problem for Democrats and an opportunity for Republicans. The lack of Trump as a pinata could accelerate the move of more Democrats to Republicans in the coming years, creating a tremendous opportunity to take the Trump message to people who supported his policies but decided they couldn’t support the man.

So, as the federal government shifts farther left and America begins to feel the impact of Democratic policies, how can the GOP get stronger in the years to come?

1. They Can’t Protect Biden Anymore

Democrats want the appearance they have a mandate to move the country left. However, that’s hardly the case. That won’t stop them from trying to transform America into a pseudo-socialist country where government power is centralized in the hands of a few at the expense of the people.

In the absence of a mandate and significant majorities, they will still push to go too far left. Biden and his media handlers claimed he was a Moderate. Now, he won’t be able to hide it anymore.

2. Democrats Are Home to Big Business

For decades, Democrats demagogued that Republicans were the big business party who didn’t care about the little guy. That’s no longer the case. Trump freed the GOP from covering for their former business base. Over the last decade, big business supported Democrats at much higher rates than the GOP. They are proponents of illegal immigration for cheap labor, big bailouts, and corruption through lobbyists paying big money to support candidates who create an unfair playing field to their advantage.

As Democrats reward their business donors with special privileges others don’t get, it will enable voters to see it’s the Democratic party that’s corrupt.

3. Democrats Own COVID-19

Whatever happens in the coming months with COVID-19, it’s on the Democrats, now. If they continue the shutdowns, destroy small businesses, don’t roll out the vaccines well, and add to America’s anxiety, they risk many Americans’ goodwill.

As America moves forward under Joe Biden and a Democratic-led Congress, President Trump positioned Conservatives to build upon the policies that created one of the strongest economies in decades. He increased wages, reset trade imbalances, avoided starting any new wars and began securing America’s southern border. America First policies aren’t going anywhere, and it’s up to conservatives to stand up to the Left in the intellectual arena of ideas.

Joe Biden and Democrats will force Conservatives to unify, make the arguments, and persuade America. The contrast over the next four years will be clear. Ultimately, President Trump made the GOP stronger and the Democrats weaker.

There is a lot of room for optimism.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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