Unbelievable! City Workers Get Week Off For This!

City Workers Get a Week Off to Grieve

(UnitedVoice.com) – City workers are an essential cog in society and the economy. They’re America’s crossroad guards, sewer workers, construction workers, and so much more. Without their presence, so many of the essential services we need to live our lives comfortably and safely just wouldn’t exist. That’s exactly why some are concerned about the repercussions of having too many on vacation, or away from their jobs, at one time.

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, recently granted all city workers 40 hours paid time off to grieve in lieu of recent events. Wheeler has asked all supervisors and managers to approve the leave, full stop.

On June 9th, the Mayor retweeted a post from user Dirk VanderHart. It listed examples of the city’s leader engaging in activism for communities of color.

If these actions are true, it makes one wonder why Mayor Wheeler would go the extra mile to shut down all city work for a whole week. But city workers are, in many ways, essential to the very fabric of our society, and this might set scary precedents for the future. What else will Mayor Wheeler come up with to appease his city — and how many cities will follow?

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