Unbelievably Weird and Hilarious Wildlife Behavior Across America

Crab Invasion in Florida!

The heavy rain from Hurricane Barry affected more than residents of New Orleans. Hundreds of crabs with “real big claws” were forced to evacuate their homes. One Florida resident caught the entire invasion on camera.

The man claims he was far less afraid of the crabs than they were of him. Thank goodness it wasn’t a real takeover of his property. The poor crabs were just lost and looking for a new place to settle down.

TN Police: “Don’t Give Meth to the Wildlife”

Few things in life would be more terrifying than encountering a gator jacked up on meth.

That’s why Tennessee officials are warning citizens to not flush drugs down the toilet. The water going down our drains isn’t always filtered before it reaches processing plants. So, wildlife can be affected by whatever chemicals we pour down the sink — that includes druggies attempting to “flush the evidence” before getting caught.

Police are concerned about catching these criminals; they just recognize they can’t detain everyone in time. This public service announcement is a plea for addicts to at least not harm the environment with their dangerous practices. Hopefully, they’ll take heed and prevent gators from inadvertently ingesting their drugs of choice.

Alligator Migrates Hundreds of Miles North to Chicago

Speaking of gators, one brave reptilian decided to look for a new home. This adventurous gator wanted a change of pace from the same old life in the bayou, so he crawled hundreds of miles from his natural habitat in the south to take up residence in the Windy City.

Chicago police found the gator swimming around in good health at Park Lagoon. The locals nicknamed him “Chance the Snapper” when he was spotted last week. An expert gator-catcher from Florida finally detained the trespasser and he will likely be shipped back home where he can rejoin his friends and family.

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