Unboosted Students Get Limited Access to Wi-Fi at Emory University

Unboosted Students Get Limited Access to Wi-Fi at Emory University

(UnitedVoice.com) – In February, Emory University in Atlanta notified its students that the school would start restricting Wi-Fi for those who didn’t comply with their three-shot COVID-19 vaccine mandate. In March, that’s exactly what the private university began to do.

Executive Director of Student Health Services, Sharon Rabinovitz, told the Emory Wheel, the school newspaper, that the university started restricting internet speed and access for roughly 1,300 students. The restrictions began around the week of March 14 and included blocking video games and social media access for those who refused to get the third shot. The punishment for students exercising body autonomy had an impact, causing over half of them to get the booster.

The decision to punish students came even though the school is a low-risk area. Amir St. Clair, the executive director for COVID-19 Response and Recovery, told the school paper there are “very low rates of transmission” on campus. In fact, he revealed that “per CDC guidelines” the school and larger metro Atlanta area “continue to be classified as a low risk community.” Further, over 94% of students and 91% of staff have received three doses.

Nonetheless, students must submit proof of their booster shot to have their access restored. For those who submit an exemption, it could take as long as 10 days for it to be approved and for them to get their Wi-Fi back.

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