Update 2: Hero Dog Awards — And the Winners Are…

Update 2: Hero Dog Awards — And the Winners Are...

First, the nominees were announced, then the finalists were chosen and now the top dog has been declared in the 2019 American Humane hunt for Hero Dog of the year! The winner in each category and the overall champion were honored in a (human) star-studded nationally televised gala.

Group Winners

Guide/Hearing — Leader Dog Lady walked her human through busy streets, to and from work, onto airplanes and right on to center stage.

Search and Rescue — Piglet. No, not THAT Piglet! This canine namesake finds people who are lost, brings closure to grieving families by finding the remains of loved ones and has even helped a coroner solve a crime.

Military — Sergeant Yeager is a US Marine who served for three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and detected dozens of roadside bombs. He was injured in the line of duty and, sadly, lost his partner when one of those devices exploded.

Law Enforcement/Arson — Dax is not a one-trick pony, he is a versatile K-9 cop. He nabs criminals who try to flea flee, locates missing and/or endangered children and uses his sniffer to bust would-be drug smugglers.

Therapy — Jeanie is a sweet little girl who loves to bring comfort to people. Maybe because she knows what her patients are going through. You see, she only has three legs herself and it is difficult to see her wagging tail coming at you and not be encouraged.

Shelter — Gus is acting as a beacon in a sometimes dark world. He was found walking the streets showing signs of horrific abuse. After he was nursed back to health, his still sweet and loving nature garnered him a large social media following. His fans have shared stories of their kind treatment of strays now instead of just chasing them away.

Pick of the Litter

The number one spot went to a hero from the service group. Lucy has made a family’s near-tragedy a bit brighter. Her person was riding in his mom’s van when a random shooting left him with a bullet in his brain. Now, she’s there almost always by his side, taking walks, going to school and warning everybody when she senses an impending seizure.

Dogs are not just animals, they are companions and family members. They work with us, play with us and protect us. Humanity is much better off with them in the world.

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