Urgent: Recall on Meats

Urgent: Recall on Meats
Urgent: Recall on Meats

Love your cookouts and long picnics on the beach? You might want to read this before you head on off into another relaxing fall gathering. An unidentified North Carolinian has died as a direct result of a confirmed Listeria outbreak affecting Johnston County Hams, Inc. products. In Arizona, people became sick after eating ground beef tied to producer JBS Tolleson. Both companies are mass recalling meats at the request of the CDC.

Key Facts

• The CDC officially initiated the ham recall during the first week of October, including nearly 89,000 pounds of products specifically produced between April 3, 2017 and October 2, 2018. Unfortunately, a list of product codes and/or locations of sale has yet to be provided.
• What we do know is that the CDC confirmed “possible” sales of the ham in Maryland, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina and Virginia. So far, the only people to get sick have been in North Carolina and Virginia, but the possibility for additional illnesses does exist.
• Frighteningly, the CDC seemed especially concerned about Johnston’s hams being used by and sold out of restaurants in the same states. A bulletin informing restaurants of the recall has been released; however, it may be best to avoid pork products for now.
• If you have Johnston’s hams in your refrigerator or freezer, check the manufacturing date to see if it is a match. It may be wiser to just throw out any hams, regardless of the date, until you know for sure whether they’re safe.
• Over in Arizona, it is ground beef causing a ruckus instead. JBS Tolleson, one of the state’s largest ground beef producers, was forced to recall 6.5 million pounds worth of beef. 15 people became ill as a result of salmonella in Arizona alone, with nearly 57 experiencing illness nationwide.
• In this case, we are fortunate to have a list to share with you here. Affected beef products include Cedar River Farms, Gourmet Burger, Grass Run Farms Natural Beef, JBS Generic, Showcase and Showcase/Walmart.
• JBS’s affected product list is much too long to share here, but you should cross-check any of the above listed products with the linked list if you have them at home. Throw out anything suspicious; your health isn’t worth the risk of trying to eat tainted meat.
• If you think you may be sick as a result of eating tainted meat, it’s critical to seek medical advice immediately. Head to your GP or your nearest emergency room and let them know it may be tied to the recall.