US Airstrike Takes Out Another Terrorist Leader

US Airstrike Takes Out Another Terrorist Leader

Terrorist Leader DEAD – They Got Him!

( – On September 10, 2014, then-President Barack Obama spoke to America about the emergence of a new terrorist group overtaking Syria and threatening the United States. The president noted that despite tremendous efforts by the US military and other government agencies, there was no way to eliminate every threat. As ISIS grew, it overtook large swaths of Syria. Ultimately, President Donald Trump destroyed much of the terrorist network. Yet, in northern Syria, the threat still exists.

On Monday, June 27, the military’s Central Command (CENTCOM) noted that violent terrorist groups aligned with al-Qaeda still pose a significant risk to the United States and its allies. It stated that terrorist militants continue to use parts of Syria near Idlib as a staging ground to coordinate attacks against US citizens and innocent civilians outside of Syria and around the world. In response, CENTCOM said the US military targeted and killed al-Qaeda-linked terrorist Abu Hamzah al Yemeni.

Drone Airstrike Kills Terrorist Leader

On Monday, observers near Idlib said three MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles circled overhead. Hours earlier, the US military announced it had killed Yemeni, a senior leader of Hurras al-Din, a terrorist group closely aligned with al-Qaeda. CENTCOM didn’t release much information about the drone killing other than to acknowledge they struck the terrorist just before Midnight on Monday while he was traveling by motorcycle. The military said the strike didn’t harm anyone else.

The Syrian Civil Defence, known as White Helmets, acknowledged the attack and said it recovered Yemeni’s body. The group said it turned his remains over to morgue officials in Idlib.

Hurras al-Din means Guards of Religion and is the strongest insurgent group in Idlib. The region around the city is the last significant rebel territory left in Syria and the largest haven for the group founded and led by terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden since his days in Afghanistan.

CENTCOM said that Abu Hamzah al Yemeni’s death would disrupt al-Qaeda’s ability to plan and carry out attacks against Americans and civilians around the globe.

Reaper Is the Air Force’s Weapon of Choice

The MQ-9 Reaper is the Air Force’s go-to aircraft when targeting terrorists. The military says it’s an offensive drone that offers a unique platform to conduct reconnaissance missions and strike terrorist groups. The Air Force deploys Reapers globally from US or allied military installations from a ground control station. They can fulfill missions for up to 24 hours.

The Reaper can carry up to nine laser-guided missiles. The military prefers the drone over traditional aircraft in terrorist strike operations due to its lower cost to operate over traditional military fighter jets and no risk to American pilots.

Since 2017, Air Force drones have killed numerous ISIS and terrorist leaders. Yemeni wasn’t the first and likely won’t be the last.

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