US Ally Allows Wanted Terrorist to Roam Free

US Ally Allows Wanted Terrorist to Roam Free

( – Ahlam Ahmad al-Tamimi has a $5 million reward for her capture and arrest. Yet, she is allowed to roam free in Jordan as if she isn’t the most wanted woman in the world.

The US government says she used a weapon of mass destruction to attack a pizza restaurant in Israel in 2001. The bombing left 15 people dead, including a pregnant woman and eight children. Two of the deceased victims were American citizens, the pregnant woman, Shoshana Yehudit Greenbaum, and 15-year-old Malki Roth. Four other Americans were among the 122 injured.

Al-Tamimi pleaded guilty in an Israeli court and was sentenced to 16 life sentences along with an additional 250 years in prison. Unfortunately, in 2011, she was part of a prisoner swap where Israel allowed 1,000 Palestinians to go free in order for Hamas to return Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The terrorist went to Jordan and the US has repeatedly asked our Jordanian allies to extradite her to America. They have refused, saying the US has no extradition treaty with the country.

While we fight to have her extradited, she flaunts her freedom in Jordan, including at one point, hosting her own television show. She’s even been known to brag about choosing the pizza parlor because she knew it would be full of families and children.

The US Department of Justice has said that they can’t talk about the case other than to say she remains a matter of “particular importance.”

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