US Bombers Demonstrate "Fire And Fury’" To North Korea

US Bombers Demonstrate
US Bombers Demonstrate "Fire And Fury" To North Korea

Andersen Air Force Base, located in Guam, lit up Tuesday night as two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers flew out to join the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Republic of Korea for drills over the Sea of Japan. Some military experts suggest the event was “practice” for the later fulfillment of Trump’s promise to bring “Fire and Fury” to North Korea.

Live-fire Drills

The event consisted mostly of live-fire drills where all three countries practiced flying sequenced bilateral missions together. Although it isn’t the first time for the three close allies to work together, it is the first time for the U.S., Korea, and Japan to work together at night.
U.S. Air Force Maj. Patrick Applegate spoke highly of the event, pointing out how useful such drills really are in high-tension areas.
“Flying and training at night with our allies in a safe, effective manner is an important capability shared between the U.S., Japan and the Republic of Korea and hones the tactical prowess of each nation’s’ aviators. This is a clear demonstration of our ability to conduct seamless operations with all of our allies anytime, anywhere.”
The live-fire drill is just one in a series of practice events hosted by the U.S.’s 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron under the ongoing U.S. Pacific Command’s Continuous Bomber Presence mission. Drills improve both ally relationships and give all involved parties an opportunity to become more adept at working together before a crisis event occurs.
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