US Colleges Suddenly Reinstate Mask Mandates

US Colleges Suddenly Reinstate Mask Mandates

U.S. Colleges Announce Reversal – Is This a Sign?

( – On Wednesday, April 27, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci announced the US is out of the pandemic phase of the COVID-19 outbreak and has moved into a more controlled phase. America’s infection rate is relatively low and deaths have significantly dropped. While the situation is looking better, some colleges are reinstating their coronavirus mandates.

At least a dozen US colleges and universities have reinstated their mask directives. Some of the schools noted the Omicron variant BA.2 as the reason for the need for face coverings. The variant is highly contagious and now accounts for more than 85% of all cases in America. Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University are among the schools that will once again force students to cover their noses and mouths.

While some colleges are reinstating the mask mandates, others are getting rid of them. Harvard University recently ended its directive, but still requires COVID-19 vaccinations.

Schools aren’t the only entities that are grappling with their masking policies. The city of Philadelphia reinstated its face covering requirement only to remove it days later. Mayor Jim Kenney’s office cited decreased hospitalizations and steady case counts as the reason.

What do you think about the colleges reinstating mask mandates?

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