US COVID Deaths Reach 1 Million Mark

US COVID Deaths Reach 1 Million Mark

Tragic Death Toll – Biden Tells What Worries Him The Most

( – The US reached a grim marker last week when the one-millionth American died from COVID-19. President Joe Biden marked the occasion with a statement and will soon call for gestures of remembrance across the country. He also warned Americans to “remain vigilant.”

On May 12, the White House published a statement from Biden acknowledging that over a million Americans have now died while infected with the coronavirus. The president called each of the “empty chairs around the dinner table” an “irreplaceable loss” and said he and his wife would pray for the victims. He continued, mentioning his own experience with bereavement, and told the families of the dead that their loved ones “will always be with you.”

Biden urged the nation to remember as it moves on from the pandemic. He urged Americans to remain vigilant against the disease and talked about the importance of testing and vaccines, both controversial issues during the pandemic.

The threat of new diseases emerging is everpresent, and today’s highly-connected world means outbreaks can spread faster and farther than ever before. Is Biden right to warn people to maintain vigilance against disease, considering the violations of individual liberties the nation witnessed during the COVID pandemic? Perhaps we need to be at least as vigilant about government overreach.

On October 23, 2020, Biden tweeted, “220,000 deaths. If you hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this: Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States.”

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