US Helps Bust Hundreds in Trafficking Ring

US Helps Bust Hundreds in Trafficking Ring

The US joined forces with Canda’s Toronto Police Service Child Exploitation Service to rescue nearly 400 children and arrest 348 adults.

The operation, called Project Spade, started when the Toronto police became aware of a man who was sharing “graphic images” of children being abused. This led them to the discovery of Brian Way, who was operating a child abuse movie production and distribution ring online.

The videos were being shipped all over the world.

Toronto’s police department requested the help of the United States Postal Inspection Service due to the high volume of videos being sent to the US. After working together for 7 months, officers were able to get search warrants. During the raids across Toronto, the police seized over 45 terabytes of videos and pictures of children.

There were 76 people arrested in the US, 50 in Ontario, 58 from other areas of Canada and 164 from other countries.

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