US Intel Shows Why Putin’s Invasion Failed Almost Immediately

US Intel Shows Why Putin's Invasion Failed Almost Immediately

U.S. Intel DROPPED – It Exposes Putin!

( – As we enter the third month of the war in Ukraine, many wonder how the Ukrainians have been able to thwart the Russians. The Russians hold a massive military advantage both in size and technology. Yet, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s frustrations are mounting as Ukraine forced Russia to abandon any notion of taking Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and moved its forces to the eastern part of the country to aid in allegedly freeing the region from Ukrainian rule.

In early February, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told Congress he believed Kyiv would fall within 72 hours if Russia attacked. He predicted Ukraine could lose upwards of 15,000 soldiers and Russia 4,000. That hasn’t happened. In fact, Ukraine says Russia has lost a significant number of troops. Now, America is learning how Ukraine has thwarted Russia, and it’s due to US intelligence and coordination with forces on the ground.

Is the US Responsible for Ukraine’s Success?

In a recent House Armed Services Committee hearing, Gen. Milley told Congress why Ukraine was possibly experiencing so much success. The nation’s leading military commander said it wasn’t just US military hardware that aided Ukraine’s defense against Russia. US intelligence also told them how, where, and when to use the weapons. He called it the most successful intelligence operation in US history.

Ahead of Russia’s invasion, NBC News said the United States began sharing intelligence with Ukraine about Russia’s plans, including when and where they would strike. As a result, the Ukrainians successfully moved their air defense systems and fighter jets to locations the Russians weren’t planning to hit. Due to the ongoing intelligence information, Ukraine has stayed one step ahead of the Russian military.

US Information to Ukraine Started Early and Kept Flowing

In the early days of the war, that information may have prevented Russia from taking Kyiv. Intelligence helped the Ukrainian military shoot down a Russian transport plane loaded with hundreds of Russian soldiers. The intelligence helped protect Hostomel Airport near Kyiv, where Russia planned to stage a base, fly in massive numbers of troops, and invade the capital city.

Ukraine’s resistance and Russia‚Äôs inability to control the skies forced them to abandon their plan as they sustained heavy losses trying to take the city. Ultimately, the Russians pulled the military out of northern Ukraine and sent them to its eastern front.

Since then, the Russians have not established air superiority as the US supplies Ukraine with fresh information. One official told NBC News Russia has been bombing empty fields where Ukraine once had defense systems set up.

Gen. Paul Nakasone, Commander of the US Cyber Command, said the Ukrainian success was due to the timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence.

On Wednesday, April 27, Putin warned if Western countries interfered in their military action against Ukraine, they would retaliate with lightning-fast strikes. So, could Russia draw the US into a war over aid to Ukraine?

Time will tell.

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