US Launches Firestorm of Missile Strikes

US Launches Firestorm of Missile Strikes

( – The Syrian War has been raging for 12 years, and has killed over half a million people. US Forces, including military contractors, have been in the country since 2015. The military recently launched a missile strike after an American was killed.

On Thursday, March 23, an Iranian suicide drone hit a US base in northeastern Syria. Five American service members and a contractor suffered injuries in the attack, and another contractor was killed. The attack was reportedly linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which the State Department has labeled an international terrorist organization.

President Joe Biden authorized retaliatory precision strikes in response. General Michael Erik Kurilla, the top US commander for the Middle East, warned that more of the strikes could be ordered if they are needed.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a statement stating, “No group will strike our troops with impunity.”

On Friday, another US service member was wounded in two additional attacks. Reuters reported that pro-Iranian forces in the Middle Eastern country claimed they have a “long arm” to carry out more strikes if the US military responds.

Biden said the US doesn’t want to get involved in a conflict with Iran but intends to “act forcefully to protect” Americans. He promised, “We’re not going to stop.” At least eight pro-Iranian militants were allegedly killed in the retaliatory strikes.

Only about 900 US service members are currently in Syria, and an unknown number of contractors. In early March, the House of Representatives voted on a measure that called for the removal of all remaining troops from the country.

The legislation to remove the service members ultimately failed. The majority of lawmakers saw their presence in the country as necessary to protect US national security because leaving could lead to a resurgence of ISIS militants. The terrorist group has been significantly weakened in recent years.

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