US Man Charged With Human Smuggling After Family Found Frozen Near Border

US Man Charged With Human Smuggling After Family Found Frozen Near Border

( – Canadian border cops made a horrifying discovery last week – the bodies of four people, believed to have been a family, frozen to death just yards from the US border. Now an American is being charged.

On January 19, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) found four bodies – a man, woman, teenager and infant – six miles east of Emerson, Manitoba. All four were less than 40 feet from the US border, which they were apparently heading for in a bid to enter the US. Weather conditions were very bad, with high winds and wind chill of below -30 degrees F. The bodies haven’t been officially identified yet, but officials believe the victims are an Indian family who got separated from another group of immigrants they were traveling with. The RCMP launched their search for the four after US Border Patrol agents, who had just detained five more illegals south of the border, told them about the missing family.

Meanwhile, just before the bodies were found, US cops arrested 47-year-old Steven Shand of Deltona, Florida, less than a mile south of the border. Shand was traveling in a white van with two illegal immigrants and a stash of snacks and other supplies. He’s been charged with human smuggling – and he may be part of a much larger trafficking gang that’s attacking our northern border.

It isn’t just the border with Mexico that needs protecting, organized crime will try its chances anywhere.

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