US Military Increase in Poland [PLUS: FBI Raids Senator’s Home and ICE Raids Pizzeria]

US Boosting Military Presence in Poland [PLUS: FBI Raids Senator's Home and ICE Raids Pizzeria]

US Boosting Military Presence in Poland

On Monday, September 23, President Donald Trump and Poland’s President Andrzej Duda signed a joint declaration aimed at bringing more US troops to the European country.

The declaration states that in order to “continue to develop the plan to bolster Polish–United States military ties and United States defense and deterrence capabilities in Poland. These capabilities presently include approximately 4,500 rotational United States military personnel. As noted, this enduring presence is expected to grow by approximately 1,000 additional United States military personnel in the near term.”

The troops will be stationed in six locations throughout Poland. One of those areas, in Warsaw, has been nicknamed Fort Trump.

The Polish government has agreed to spend $2 billion building and upgrading bases for the additional US troops. They also plan to purchase 32 F-35A fighter jets from America.

As of right now, the US and Poland are the only two of seven NATO countries to meet their investment obligations. By 2030, Poland is expected to increase its investment from 2 to 2.5%.

FBI Raids State Senator Martin Sandoval’s Home

On Tuesday, September 24th, federal agents were seen removing boxes, computers and bags marked as evidence from State Sen. Martin Sandoval’s office, home and state capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

The purpose for Tuesday’s raid has not been made public, but it seems to be connected to multiple other raids conducted this past year on public officials in Illinois.

Last November, the FBI raided the office of Ald. Edward Burke, who was charged with racketeering. Ald. Carrie Austin had her offices raided in June but has not been charged. Sen. Thomas Cullerton and associates of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan have also been investigated by the FBI over the past few months.

When asked for a statement, the Chicago FBI would only confirm that they were involved with “law enforcement activity.”

ICE Makes Arrests at Chicago Pizzeria

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested five people working at Route 66 Pizza in Chicago on Monday, September 23rd. Four men and one woman were detained, and even though ICE was just doing their job, some people in the area, including the Mayor, don’t seem too happy.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a series of tweets that her office is will be providing assistance to the families of the people arrested and that Chicago stands with its immigrant residents. An immigrant rights group held a rally on Tuesday calling for the release of the illegals.

While some outlets and groups are calling the arrests a raid, an ICE spokesperson did not feel those terms are correct and said “these terms [evoke] images of indiscriminate enforcement actions taken without probable cause.”

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