US Military Orders Mysterious Removal From Nuclear Base

US Military Orders Mysterious Removal From Nuclear Base

( – The US military isn’t a place where the unpredictable happens very often. It prides itself on order and discipline. So, when the Air Force announced not one, but six individuals, were removed from their positions at a North Dakota base, that was quite a surprise.

On February 27, the Air Force announced six leaders stationed at Minot Air Force Base were fired from their positions. Commander of the 8th Air Force, Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara, made the decision because he had lost his confidence in them. Two of the service members relieved of duty were commanders of the 5th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the 5th Mission Support Group. The other four were subordinate leaders.

Minot Air Force Base hosts two legs of the Strategic Triad. That is the three-pronged structure that makes up America’s nuclear structure and includes nuclear submarines, land-launched nuclear missiles, and aircraft capable of nuclear payloads. Several organizations are based here, including the:

  • 5th Bomb Wing
  • 582d Helicopter Group
  • 91st Missile Wing
  • 54th Helicopter Squadron
  • 372d Training Squadron/Det 22, Sheppard AFB
  • 219th North Dakota Air National Guard
  • 582d Operation Support Squadron, Detachment 5

Minot has been the location of serious issues within the military in the past. In 2013, missile crews performed badly during an inspection, which resulted in removing 17 launch officers from duty. The Associated Press obtained an email that described the culture at the base as being one of indifference.

The Air Force gave no specific reason for removing these six individuals. However, Maj. Gen. Gebara said the decision was “necessary to maintain the very high standards we demand of those units entrusted with supporting our Nation’s nuclear mission.”

Task and Purpose identified the two commanders as Maj. Jonathan Welch and Col. Gregory Mayer. Despite the firings, Gebara said the 8th Air Force “continues to safeguard global company power” and is committed to ensuring the nation remains defended.

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