US Military Providing Aid for Hospitals Overwhelmed by COVID-19

US Military Providing Aid for Hospitals Overwhelmed by COVID-19

( – Despite President Joe Biden’s promises to “end” the coronavirus when he took office, it continues to be a problem in the US. The new POTUS is learning that the deadly, highly-infectious virus can’t just be wished away. Fortunately, the US military is continuing the work they began under former President Donald Trump’s leadership.

According to reports, active-duty military members are working with the medical staff at the hardest hit hospitals in the country to help out. At Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles, more than 120 troops are working alongside the doctors and nurses to save lives.

In addition to helping medical staff, the military is deploying to aid in vaccination distribution.

The deployments to help hospitals began during the Trump administration and have continued into Biden’s term. In April, the 45th president said that he was sending a “tremendous amount of military to help” the hospitals across the country. Now, as medical facilities struggle to meet demand, those service members are more important than ever.

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