US Navy Member Died After “Secret Mission” Went Wrong

US Navy Member Dead After

( – Service members put their lives on the line every time they are deployed. And when a member of the Armed Forces dies, the entire country mourns for them. This was the case with a Navy member who died in 2021, and now we are learning more about how she passed away.

In November 2021, the Navy Times reported the US Navy was not releasing many details about Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Robin Nicole Collins’ July 18th death. The only thing revealed was that she passed away while in the US 6th Fleet’s operational area, which encompasses 105 countries. The military branch also revealed she died when a “shelter roof and chimney collapsed during heavy weather.”

At the time, Cmdr. Richlyn Ivey, the 6th Fleet’s spokesperson, told the Times that they were not able to release any information about where Collins died or what she was doing when the accident occurred.

New reporting from the Times reveals more information about her death, but still, not a lot. According to a March 20 report, journalists obtained a copy of an internal investigation into Collins’ death. It stated that her unit was on a secret mission in an unnamed country and intended to sleep in tents. However, they located a building that had electricity and decided to stay there. On the day she died, “unpredictable, sudden, and intense weather conditions” caused a chimney and a roof to collapse on her.

The storm that led to the accident came on very suddenly. In fact, the report stated that it was a “calm sunny day,” and then, within a couple of minutes, there were “extreme winds, strong enough to tear the roof from a chimney.” The wind gusts reached 90mph.

On the day Collins died, she was on “temporary duty” with three other individuals, including a chief cryptologic technician-networks. The investigation revealed they had not conducted an engineering assessment on the building but said it appeared to be “relatively new.” When the building began to collapse, the chief ordered everyone out. Collins was not able to escape in time. Her team found her under a five-foot pile of rubble from the roof and chimney.

The team began CPR and called a medical helicopter. Unfortunately, when the medical personnel arrived, they pronounced Collins dead.

Collins is survived by her twin sister, brother, step-siblings, parents, grandparents, and many others who loved her.

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