US Requests Negotiations As Kim Jong-un Threatens To Open Fire

US Requests Negotiations As Kim Jong Un Threatens To Open Fire

( – North Korea issued a threat against the United States recently. The American military sent a nuclear-capable submarine to South Korea for the first time in decades. Now, President Joe Biden’s administration is calling for a dialogue.

On July 10, North Korea’s Ministry of National Defense accused the US of illegally entering its “inviolable airspace.” The New York Times reported the country said it couldn’t guarantee that it might not accidentally shoot down a US Air Force reconnaissance plane.

Later that day, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, issued a statement alleging the US flew a spy plane over its economic water zone that spans 200 nautical miles. She called it a “grave encroachment upon [North Korea’s] sovereignty and security.” The dictator’s sibling further said a “shocking” incident would occur if it happened again. The country cited an incident in 1969 when they shot down an American reconnaissance plane and killed all 31 people aboard it.

During a briefing, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller warned North Korea to avoid “escalatory actions.” He called on them to, instead, “engage in serious and sustained diplomacy” and made it clear the US is “committed to diplomacy” and has “made that clear on a number of occasions.”

The Pentagon’s deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh, responded to Kim’s remarks saying they were “just accusations” and reiterating that the US will continue “flying, sailing, operating” wherever international law allows.

On July 12, North Korea reportedly launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The South Korean military reported the launch, saying it happened around 10 a.m. local time. The US ally also stated that it was increasing surveillance and was maintaining its military preparedness in cooperation with America.

Hirokazu Matsuno, a spokesperson for the Japanese government, reported the ICBM flew for about 74 minutes before it fell into the Sea of Japan just 155 miles west of Okushiri Island. However, the country is still analyzing the data.

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