US Senate Preparing For Bill Barr’s New Special Counsel

US Senate Preparing For Bill Barr's New Special Counsel

( – There’s concern among conservative voters and lawmakers about what Joe Biden would do to US Attorney John Durham’s investigation if he wins the election. Attorney General William Barr is trying to prevent the potential president from ending the probe. Now, the Senate is getting ready for battle.

On December 1, Barr notified Congress that he appointed Durham as special counsel. The move makes it harder for Biden to fire him if he takes office. Senate Republicans are demanding the next attorney general promise not to end the investigation. The lawmakers also want Democrats to respect the process. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said as much about Liberals the day the AG made the announcement.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the probe is “very important” and if Biden chooses an AG who wants to end the investigation, they “shouldn’t be confirmed.” Other Republicans echoed his sentiments. Still, some Democrats believe the former vice president should stand in the way of the probe. They seem to want to prevent the American people from getting the answers about how Russiagate started and possible wrongdoing by the FBI.

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