US Supreme Court Moves to Protect Religious Freedoms

US Supreme Court Moves to Protect Religious Freedoms

( – The US Supreme Court dealt another blow to Democrats who wish to impose strict coronavirus orders on American citizens. This time the court took on California Governor Gavin Newsom.

On Thursday, December 3, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Pasadena’s Harvest Rock Church and their petition to overturn a lower court decision to uphold Newsom’s restrictions on indoor church services. The case will now go back to district court.

The Liberty Counsel, which represented Harvest Rock, said Newsom’s restrictions were worse than the ones by Andrew Cuomo (D) in New York, which the court struck down. The law firm’s chairman, Mat Staver, said the high court is providing “great relief for churches and places of worship.”

The latest ruling once again shows the conservative court, with Amy Coney Barrett on the bench, is going to uphold the First Amendment rights of all Americans. That’s a welcome change.

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