US Troops Headed to Hot Mess in Middle East

US Troops Headed to Middle East

Currently, the Middle East is a giant powder keg waiting to go off. Turkey is launching an offensive into Syria, Afghanistan is under constant threat from the Taliban, and Iraqi citizens are on the precipice of a violent revolution against their government. Take Iran’s constant hostilities over the course of 2019 into account, and one can clearly see that the region is a hot mess.

The stabilizing presence of the US in the region has averted numerous catastrophes. However, tensions have drastically risen over the past year, especially this summer. This situation is becoming too volatile for our current allocation of troops in the Middle East to handle safely.

As a first step towards providing further security and stability for our allies in the region, President Trump has ordered additional troops to deploy in Saudi Arabia.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper provided clarity on the Pentagon’s official stance with Iran in light of this move during a press conference.

We thought it was important to continue to deploy forces to deter and defend and to send the message to the Iranians: Do not strike another sovereign state, do not threaten American interests, American forces, or we will respond.

-Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defense

What We Know About the Deployment

This increase in troops is in direct response to the attacks on the world’s largest crude oil processing facility in the world located in Saudi Arabia back in September. America and Saudi Arabia have strong reason to believe that Iran was behind the attack. So, the US is helping to defend one of its most important strategic allies.

A total of 3,000 troops are expected to be stationed in Suadi Arabia after this newest deployment. The Pentagon will also send two more Patriot missile batteries and a THAAD missile system. Some details are unknown, like whether or not the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier group will be replaced when it finishes its current deployment.

Overall, this newest American bolstering of Suadi Arabian defenses will prove invaluable in providing protection to many areas of the Middle East, especially the Strait of Hormuz.

And you haven’t heard the best part! President Trump announced to reporters that this increase in troops will not be a burden on American taxpayers. Finally, someone else is footing the bill! Well done, Mr. President.

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