Use This Hunting App to Stay on Track

It’s never too early to prep for hunting season. Now is the time to gather the guns, gear and gadgets that will help make that next hunt a success! One slight oversight may be navigation. A GPS mapping tool explains exactly where you are, where you’ve been and where to go. Because state land is vast and so are private property hunting grounds, it’s important to know your perimeters. Check out how hunting apps like onX Hunt can be a great guide for your next big outing.

No More Hand Maps and Using Multiple Gadgets

Maybe it’s a tried-and-true tradition to have dad’s old hunting map in hand opening day, year after year. If so, that’s great, but consider checking out how far technology can lead to a prize-winning buck this season!

Leave all the old GPS gadgets at home and try out the onX platform. Not only can it be pulled up through a smartphone, but it also allows users to connect with data to help map out a spot and plan months before the initial hunt.

What Does It Cover?

Whether it’s early, pre-peak or even post-rut season, knowing the terrain is key to capturing the elusive prey. The onX Hunt delivers. It scopes out the terrain, foliage drops and even burn areas that morph with the seasons. This makes it easy to spot changes in the land without having to drive to and scope those areas in person. It details both private and public boundaries and gives landowner names and property specs as well. It covers up to almost a million acres of public land, too.

Go Off the Grid

The best part about this app — it’s completely workable and accessible without internet service. So when traveling the backcountry and there are no towers nearby, the onX Hunt saves all data and tracks where you’ve been, as well as miles and feet to the next destination. This allows users to see and access custom waypoints off-grid too, so no more missing camps and stations.

Aerial Imagery

A huge bonus is that once the app is installed, users can also access the online platform for the PC. This gives a broader and bigger picture of the aerial circumference, making planning a breeze. The aerial imagery is detailed and offers a close topographical look at 41 million acres of hunting access and 121 million private properties.

Sync Devices

While the onX Hunt takes the place of maps and multiple other phone apps, it also seamlessly syncs to other devices. A popular hunting aid, the Garmin GPS may still have a lot of helpful data on it from past hunts or adventures. No problem. Sync it with the app to save maps and other pertinent info.

Whether it be deer, elk, turkey or another favorite, don’t waste time wandering aimlessly or losing the original path. Streamline the hunting and outdoor experience by taking charge with the onX Hunt app.

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