USGS Issues Major Quake Warning For TODAY (Update)

An official warning of an impending earthquake still has California residents on edge. Experts released a statistical warning claiming a devastating 7.0+ quake could hit along the San Andreas Fault as early as Tuesday.
The chance of having a major quake rose after a series of small quakes struck near the Salton Sea just over a week ago. Authorities are reporting the risk at just over one percent above normal.
California residents are waiting it out, but many are using this as a reminder to stock up on extra supplies to last them several days without access to power, clean water, medicine and first aid.
In related news, $10 million dollars just went into new state sensors planned to notify authorities crucial seconds before a quake hits. They used the example of possibly slowing hundreds of trains traveling 70 MPH in route down to a safer speed right before a quake hits. The roll out is expected to take 2 years and is not expected to make it to consumer’s mobile devices which authorities claim are not fast enough to receive the instant messages. Frankly, this doesn’t make sense to us.
In any case, the message is clear; it’s not “if”, it’s “when.” Stock up on supplies, create a disaster plan for your family and good luck. Some self-reliance will go a long way when first responders are stretched to their limits.