Vehicle Carrying Lawmakers Hit Several Times by Car

Vehicle Carrying Lawmakers Hit Several Times by Car

( – The political divide in America has grown worse in recent years. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been the victims of political violence. So, when news broke about a car with two officials being repeatedly attacked, there was a fear it was another violent incident. It turns out it wasn’t what it appeared.

On Thursday, February 23, North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore (R) and state Rep. David Willis (R) were involved in a terrifying incident. The two men were headed to Raleigh when a man identified as James Matthew Brogden, 38, slammed into their vehicle.

According to CBS 17, Moore’s spokeswoman Demi Dowdy said, “the vehicle was rammed from behind several times.” Fortunately, nobody in the unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe suffered any injuries.

Moore recounted the incident to The News & Observer, saying the driver of the other car slammed into the back of the vehicle they were in. After the car was hit, General Assembly officer Jason Perdue activated his emergency lights and followed Brogden. After several miles, the suspect finally pulled over and was taken into custody.

Law enforcement charged Brogden with driving while impaired, failing to heed emergency lights, hit and run, failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident, speeding to elude arrest, damage to property, and resisting a police officer. Highway Patrol spokesman 1st Sgt. Christopher Knox told the paper that it appeared as though “impairment was a factor” in the accident. Moore said he doesn’t think the suspect in the case even realized who he and Willis were when he struck the vehicle.

After his arrest, Brogden was held at the Wake County Detention Center but managed to post the $500 bond the next day. NC Governor Roy Cooper (D) said he was happy nobody was hurt in the incident and pleased that law enforcement took the suspect into custody.

Police are investigating to figure out a motive for the incident.

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