[Video] Hooded Man Watches Couple Sleep During a Home Invasion

Hooded man watches couple sleep during a home invasion
Hooded man watches couple sleep during a home invasion

This Chicago couple is very lucky to be alive. Home security video footage shows a hooded man standing over the couple as they sleep on their couch while watching television. Jordan Buranskas and Jack Mackercher had no idea someone was watching them for over 15 minutes.
Jack Mackercher placed a video camera in their home to monitor their two dogs while they’re away at work. They said they looked at security footage after Jordan Buranskas’ purse went missing. That’s when they noticed they weren’t the only ones home that night.
The couple said that it seemed the man was “watching television”. In reality, there’s no way of knowing the intruder’s true intentions. He broke in while the couple was in the home and actually stayed inside even after he realized the owners were home. This doesn’t sound like someone who likes to watch television programs in other people’s home.
This is a great example of how a home invasion begins. The intruder could have had a weapon and taken them hostage in their own home. They truly made it out of, what could have been, the worst day of their lives.
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