[VIDEO] Insider Blows Lid Off CNN: Chapter One

[VIDEO] Insider Blows Lid Off CNN: Chapter One

Though President Trump has made it a point to call out fake news whenever he sees it, his duties as president keep him too busy to do the necessary research and definitively prove anything to condemn these news outlets.

President Trump has long suspected something “fishy” was going on behind the scenes at major news organizations like The New York Times, MSNBC and CNN. He’s always had a strong sense of intuition when interacting with others, and he’s certainly had plenty of interactions with the MSM. At any rate, because the Left is so bent on being against anything our president says or does, it’s doubtful that any bias he would have been able to prove would have been taken seriously. Thankfully, our president isn’t the only one who sees what’s going on and those who are dedicated to exposing the truth have stepped in and done the research… with their analysis focused on CNN.

Enter Project Veritas

Project Veritas seems to have accomplished what Trump has been trying to do for years: expose the true motives and biases behind fake news networks.

Self-identified as a Conservative watchdog group, Project Veritas often conducts hidden interviews to expose the truth behind social media platforms, MSM networks and politicians. Their latest project involves interviewing numerous CNN employees to discover why the news station propagates so much anti-Trump messaging and bias. The bulk of their findings revolve around Jeff Zucker, CNN CEO, and his seemingly unending personal feud with President Trump.

What they’ve learned may shock you, even if we’re all accustomed to blatant Trump-bashing by now.

Below is part one of their series to expose the truth behind CNN.

Anti-Trump Hysteria at the Expense of Objective Journalism

This boatload of hidden interviews with CNN employees seems to indicate a clear and unending bias against Trump.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from part one of this documentary is Zucker’s unwavering resolution to focus on anything condemning the president. Right now, the most “condemning” thing against him is the Dem’s impeachment movement. So, Zucker orders his staff to focus on impeachment above all else, even if there are other important stories to cover.

How CNN Has Fallen

CNN, a once highly reputable and respected news source, has become an outlet for personal vendettas. Impeachment is the name of the game for Dems for the foreseeable future, and Zucker is perpetuating the arena for the game to take place — not to mention firing up the crowds. Dems will ride that horse all the way to 2020, even if it takes them off of a cliff when their narrative falls apart.

CNN’s monumental role in propagating the Left’s impeachment narrative can’t be understated; they’re misleading the American public, all for the sake of a personal feud between Zucker and Trump.

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