[VIDEO] The Real Reason Your Packages Are Damaged

Have you ever gotten a package that looked like it can been in an accident of its own? This video reveals some of the reasons that might be happening. Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Take a picture of the package before you open it. Contact the delivery service responsible for it. Offer them the picture as evidence.
  • Install your own security camera and review the video to see if you caught anything on it concerning the delivery. Offer to share it with the delivery company in question as you file your complaint.
  • Contact the seller after you contact the delivery company. The seller may then decide to use a different carrier in the future.
  • Insure all your packages so that if something like this happens, you’re item is covered.
  • When shipping things like antiques, use a service that specializes in these deliveries… and still insure the package.