[VIDEO] US Navy Destroyer Harassed by Iranian Patrol Boats


4 patrol boats from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard harassed an American naval destroyer on Tuesday in the Strait of Hormuz. Two of those patrol boats came within 300 yards of The USS Nitze, which some are calling another provocative move by Iran.
This is yet another disrespectful showing by Iran against The United States of America, even after striking a nuclear deal and getting $400 million in cash. Here are some of the more recent events where Iran has shown provocations:

  • The capturing US Sailors
  • The Firing and testing ballistic missiles
  • The Continuation of funding to terrorist groups
  • Constantly rhetorically threatening the US along with Israel

  • Read: US Admits $400M to Iran Was Contingent on Release of Prisoners
    It’s been confirmed by Fox News that Iran has also received a $1.3 billion dollar payment 2 days after receiving the $400 million dollars that coincided with the release of 5 American prisoners. And make no mistake, it was a ransom payment.
    The money settles a dispute over a $400 million payment made in the 1970s by the U.S.-backed shah’s government for military equipment. The equipment was never delivered because of the 1979 Islamic Revolution that overthrew the shah and ended diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Iran.
    The way the Obama Administration is justifying the $1.7 billion dollar payment by saying if they hadn’t negotiated, the US would have had to pay way more. The administration says it saved the American taxpayers a lot of money. Lucky us.
    Because of this deal, it’s quite likely that Iran will make attempts to take Americans hostage so the US can pay more ransom demands. Iran has supposedly already taken imprisoned two more Americans.
    No one in Congress seems to know any specifics about the $1.3 billion dollar transaction. So much for a transparent administration. And just some food for thought… What do you think Iran will do with all of this money? Do you think these actions will have any repercussions for future administrations?
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