Virginia College Teaching Students to Think as Leftist Revolutionaries

Virginia College Teaching Students to Think as Leftist Revolutionaries

( – Washington and Lee University in Virginia has become a focal point of criticism, but not for frat parties or an outbreak of COVID-19 like many others. At the heart of this controversy? The content of a class required for first-year students.

“How to Overthrow the State” is a course designed to make the student put themselves in the position of people like Che Guevara.

In the class, the students are told to place themselves as the leader of a movement with the end goal of deposing an existing government. Assignments include writing a manifesto and a white paper picking apart an issue. It seems straightforward.

But, there are two statements in the course description that could cause concern:

  1. “Rewriting history and confronting memory.” — Progressives have been going full-steam ahead on this front, for example forcing the 1619 Project into school curriculums and taught as the truth.
  1. “Explore examples of revolutionary thought and action from across the Global South.” In context, it means groupings of people who have “a shared experience of subjugation under contemporary global capitalism.”

Instead of asking students to think for themselves and examine Vladimir Lenin’s October Revolution, for example, and its pros or cons, they’re forcing them to describe why Socialist/Communist revolutions are a good thing only.

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