Vladimir Putin Dangerously “Alone” According to Insiders

Vladimir Putin Dangerously

Vladimir Putin’s Condition Revealed – Insider Tells All

(UnitedVoice.com) – When Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, he likely envisioned a different scenario than the one currently playing out. Ahead of his aggression against Ukraine, Putin said NATO couldn’t be allowed to expand toward Russia’s border and later stated his country was the Ukrainian people’s savior by stamping out Nazis in the former Soviet bloc country. What he set out to do has turned into the exact opposite.

Not only is NATO preparing to expand at Russia’s doorstep in Finland and Sweden, but Putin may also be more isolated than he’s ever been. Before the invasion, European nations needing oil and natural gas bolstered Russia’s financial resources and national economy. That income source is gone, and so is any hope things could ever go back to the way they were before the invasion. Still, Putin does have some friends, but what are the limits of those friendships?

Is Putin Isolated?

According to the Wilson Center, which Congress chartered in 1968 as a non-partisan policy forum on global issues, Russia’s attack on Ukraine threw the country to its weakest position since World War II. The Wilson Center noted how Putin’s aggression sent shockwaves through every former Soviet bloc country. Instead of blaming NATO for a provocation, analysts said Russia became isolated because it lacked true allies, resulting in a strategic disaster Putin created.

Tobias Lindner, a minister of state at the German Foreign Office, told Newsweek Russia’s invasion of Ukraine left Putin secluded and without a way back into a pre-war status quo with Western nations. While he emphasized Putin’s isolation, his greater concern was over the Russian president’s perception of Russia’s place in history. The German minister added Putin’s aggression goes well beyond Ukraine because of his thinking.

Russia relies heavily on Western technology, services, and exports. As a result, the former Soviet leader is suffering economically.

Putin Has Few Allies

While Russia has lost the West, it still has robust trade relations with China and India, the world’s two most populated countries. Still, Lindner said China should pay attention to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine despite its pro-Russian rhetoric. He said economic sanctions by the West could impact Communist China if it grows too close to Moscow. He added his belief that the speed of the West’s sanctions against Russia surprised and disturbed China.

For decades, Russia enjoyed a cordial relationship with Finland, which shares over 800 miles of border. Now, they’ve abandoned Russia and are seeking fast-track approval to join NATO. If Putin’s goal was to keep NATO off its backdoor, the Russian president failed woefully.

While Russia may have a few friends, it’s far from what the country needs to restore its reputation and economic potential on the world stage. The Wilson Center projects a new generation of Russians will need to make amends for Putin’s war on Ukraine, rebuild trust with its neighbors, and rehabilitate and restore relationships with countries around the globe.

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