Voters Kick Soros-Backed Prosecutor From Office

Voters Kick Soros Backed Prosecutor From Office

( – Democrats have long wanted to reform the criminal justice system. They have been unable to pass legislation at a federal level that does anything significant. Most states have also rejected reforms, leaving the party unable to make an impact. Then, billionaire George Soros had another idea.

Several years ago, the 93-year-old billionaire began pumping millions of dollars into local elections for prosecutors. His strategy was to get progressive prosecutors elected so that they would change the way their offices prosecuted people. In other words, they would overhaul the criminal justice system from the inside out. Now, one of the prosecutors he supported has been ousted.

Prosecutor Ousted

Virginia was one of four states that held legislative elections this year. Democrats did very well in the state. They managed to take back control of both chambers of the General Assembly in a crushing loss for Governor Glenn Youngkin (R).

On a night when Democrats won so big, one prosecutor in the US capital’s suburbs didn’t do so well. Republican Bob Anderson beat Democrat Buta Biberaj in the race for Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney. Biberaj conceded the race after the Loudoun County Board of Elections counted all of the ballots. In the end, she lost by exactly 300 votes.

Biberaj has served as the lead prosecutor in Loudoun County since 2019, when she received support from a Soros-backed PAC. Before that, she was a defense attorney for 25 years. Her time spent defending criminals reportedly had a lot of influence on her policies while in office.


The prosecutor sparked controversy when Biberaj prosecuted a father who had a confrontation with sheriff’s deputies at a school board meeting. He was the father of a girl who was sexually assaulted in her high school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. The boy was later convicted and ordered to register as a sex offender.

Governor Youngkin was among the officials who said the father should not have been prosecuted. The Republican pardoned the man as he was appealing his case.

Biberaj was also kicked off of a criminal case, and a circuit court judge accused her of “deliberately misleading the Court and the public.” Another judge dismissed her from an appeal case, saying there were concerns about “impartiality.”

A New(ish) Sheriff in Town

The race wasn’t Anderson’s first rodeo. He served as the county’s top prosecutor from 1996 through 2003. He barely spent any money on his race, shelling out just $70,356 over the last several months. By comparison, Biberaj spent more than $1 million trying to hold onto her seat.

In a statement, Anderson said he was “honored to lead [the] office again […] and deliver on [his] promise of restoring transparency and protecting [the] community from violent crime.”

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