Voters Not Impressed by AOC Cronies

Voters Not Impressed by AOC Cronies

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been fighting her own party since before she was elected. Her contempt for the Democrats led to the creation of “Courage to Change,” a political action committee (PAC) that supports primary challenges against the establishment.

On Super Tuesday, at least two of the far-Left candidates that she endorsed were soundly defeated in Texas. Senate candidate Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez and Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar’s challenger, Jessica Cisneros both lost:

AOC doesn’t seem to have taken into account that Texas Democrats are often more conservative than New York liberals. Where elections are held matters because not every area in the country is the same.

AOC’s failure to get the candidates elected and Bernie Sanders’ resounding defeat in most primary states, including Texas, made for a tough night for the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

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