Walk Away from the Left as They Embrace Socialism and Military Warning to Area 51 Raiders

US Military Warning to Area 51 Raiders

As much as we’d all love to know the truth about aliens, the latest rally cry to storm Area 51 is putting people in danger.

Area 51 is surrounded by live-ammo training areas for military practice. Trespassers can very easily get hurt by routine training drills if they decide to cross through. There are currently over 1 million individuals signed up to forcibly enter Area 51 — many of them will HAVE to pass through live-ammo practice zones.

Please advise your friends, family and community to stay away from Area 51. It’s for their own safety — not to suppress the truth.

Dems Forced to Embrace Socialists in Their Party

The young “progressive” Congresswomen playing the race card against Trump are more than flat-out wrong — they’re socialists in sheep’s clothing. As usual, President Trump calls it like he sees it:

Do these Democrats hate our country so much that they’ll smear the president about anything and subvert our democracy in favor of socialism? That seems to be the truth, and ALL Democrats have to embrace these radical left women. The Dem’s only other option is to oust them from the party — that seems highly unlikely given the Democrat’s track record of dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Dems can “distance” themselves all they want, but it won’t mean a thing if they keep spouting socialist propaganda alongside AOC and her friends.

#WalkAway Turns One!

Thank goodness that Liberals across the country are waking up to the Left’s hypocrisy and anti-American socialist agenda. The Left’s double standards, false accusations and disingenuous policies are pushing away even the most stalwart of individuals. The #WalkAway from the Left movement is one year old and growing rapidly, and we have Trump to partially thank for that.

Giving preferential treatment to illegal aliens is a staple mindset among the socialist left. What makes it worse is their desire to prioritize healthcare and other services for illegals over citizens. Homeless Americans line the streets of cities while undocumented immigrants receive preferential treatment. The Left even claims they have the right to circumvent our laws to live here.

It’s incredible to think about how little the far-left thinks about the well-being of Americans. We can only hope they come to their senses one day. Until then, Happy Birthday #WalkAway.

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