Warning: Do Not Engage Trump Protesters

Warning: Do Not Engage Trump Protesters
Warning: Do Not Engage Trump Protesters

Just a few days out from the 2016 presidential elections and a large number of extreme left wing supporters are still squealing like stuck pigs. Even lifetime Democrats are asking, “Who are these people? Why are you acting like this?
This bizarre behavior is coming from a very concerning number of people who feel they have been left without a leader and now the party seems to be in complete disarray. It seems that all of the adults have left the building.
The comfy little world they built for themselves is now crumbling down around them as is their manners, common sense, and their parents’ civilized “time out” punishments are quickly forgotten. Perhaps they think they are going to get a participation trophy for jumping into the fray.
There are protests being held in cities all across the nation. Marchers are blocking traffic and vandalizing their neighborhoods. Trump supporters in one company are being fired. Oregon has submitted a ballot proposal to secede from the union. A white Trump supporter in Chicago got the daylights beaten out of him just for his vote. Maryland’s Governor just signed a new law to give the state’s votes to the winner of the popular vote, despite the fact that the state went to Clinton anyway.
The extreme left is in complete chaos. Do not think this is the DNA of all Democrats. The extreme left is a terrible representation of the Democratic party. True Democrats can have an intelligent conversation and debate around facts.
Basically, the extreme left is doing everything they accused Trump supporters of doing all along.
The mainstream media is on extreme overdrive trying to explain the loss and shame Trump supporters on both sides for screwing up their perfect plans.
As members of the new majority, there really is only one thing we can do now to help the grieving Clinton supporters move forward in a positive way.
As for the real noisy ones, we can ignore them. Ear plugs, ear buds, and a variety of disengagement tactics work best.
Most important, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM… it won’t go well for you and frankly, it’s dangerous to your time, intelligence and property. In some cases it could be dangerous to you physically as well.
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“The extreme left is a terrible representation of the Democratic party. True Democrats can have an intelligent conversation and debate around facts.”
As an information source, the extreme left relies on distorted fantasy, cheating, lying and propaganda originated by the very elites who own the mainstream media.
They have completely abandoned research and common sense and therefore, when backed into a corner with real facts, common sense or thoughtful conversation, they can become violent or, more likely, will cowardly key scratch your car, break your windows, or violate your Facebook page. Please be careful. Walk away folks. Do not engage. Just walk away.
If nothing else, the 2016 presidential elections allowed Americans to get a real good look at the criminal underbelly of the so-called elites who own the mainstream media, the banking systems, the legalized big pharma drugs, the FDA, the school textbooks teaching our children, and the war machines sold to our country and other countries. They own and control the messages that people smart and ignorant universally hear and accept as fact. The problem is, more people are now realizing they have now been severely penalized for their trust in the media and political leadership.
The blinders are coming off so many people now they are wondering how they didn’t see the corruption before. Right, left, it doesn’t matter. Washington DC became a cesspool of corruption and We the People finally said enough is enough. Perhaps many chose who they felt would be the best to win this ugly fight for America–and at the same time, might not invite this fighter to dinner. Fighters play an important role in society and we chose ours. If our lives depended on it—and they might, we chose the most stand-up brass balled individual we could to represent the best interests of the country. We picked Trump. Fingers crossed.
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We’ve seen greedy, corrupt, candidates on both sides supported by an equally corrupt party and special interest groups, reported on by a biased, dishonest, agenda-driven media. We know now that this is all part of their game–a game we’ve been forced to play for far too long now.
The good news? We the People spoke. We won. They didn’t. Time to move along. Nothing more to see here. Unfortunately, they won’t. Not by a long shot. They will fight to the bitter end. Frankly we’re concerned what their next move will be. It didn’t go so well for JFK.
We have elected a new kid in town; a new kid who has an aversion to the status quo and approaches political correctness like last week’s leftovers of a dish no one wants; a new kid who promises that he will help make our America great again; a new kid who promises to rid our nation’s capital of the lies, deceit, and corruption that has infected it for so long. He claims to not be beholden to any person or group–we shall see. He claims only one allegiance–to his country and all the people in it. We the People, will hold him to it.
One thing for sure, he has helped give us the confidence we needed to stand up for our own views and stop allowing the “politically correct” ones to be shoved down our throats. Trump wants to help restore the pride we once had in our country and the majority are buying it.
As the majority, we have a job now–to help our new leader make good on his promises. It will take all the focus, energy, and courage we can muster. We cannot afford to be distracted by the noise on the extreme left. Even some of your democratic friends are closet Trump supporters, though they don’t need to sport the bumper sticker to earn your respect. So, let’s all grab our collective earplugs, ignore the extreme left and rebuild both parties for the benefit of America. Time to get to work.