[Warning: Explicit Video] Unprecedented Animal Abuse Exposed at Fair Oaks Farms

Fair Oaks Farms was recently the target of an undercover investigation that would expose a shocking level of animal abuse, drug use and flat out lies. Be warned — this video is very graphic and disturbing, even for those who aren’t animal lovers.

Fair Oaks Farms did respond to the video, revealing even more disturbing information without realizing it. Mike McCloskey, the dairy veterinarian founder of Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, reassured the public that employees who were revealed to have been practicing abuse or drug use were either fired before the video or as a result of it. But something else he said sent up a red flag.

“When we found out about this undercover operation, we immediately and voluntarily called for a third-party review of our animal welfare practices to assure ourselves – and you – that our dairies are compliant with the FARM program. Once this review is finished, we will gladly share their findings.”

Why? If there was nothing to hide to begin with, why was a third-party review necessary only AFTER they found out about the undercover investigation? Shouldn’t they have been assuring themselves of compliance on a regular basis before an investigation began?
As a result of the video and investigation, there is now a public outcry for Coca-Cola to end all contracts with Fair Oaks. Since the disturbing graphic nature of this video has caused it to go viral, it will be interesting to see how Coca-Cola and Fair Oaks respond with their actions.