Child Predators Free to Abuse Again

Child Predators Free to Abuse Again

***WARNING: the facts of this story may be disturbing to some.***

( – The year 2020 has been difficult for many between the coronavirus pandemic and the racial violence directed across this nation. However, there’s an issue that’s flown under the radar but should outrage every decent human being — the lack of adequate punishment for grown adults victimizing young children.

Case No. 1

A Supervisory Intelligence Analyst (SIA) for the FBI was quietly dismissed from the agency, according to several news outlets. An Office of the Inspector General (OIG) investigation revealed the unidentified analyst’s predilection for viewing images of girls as young as nine years old – his “preferred” age range — because he was aroused by them. However, the DOJ declined to prosecute.

Case No. 2

A Montana man who’d been originally charged with 64 counts of “sexual abuse of children” – among them an allegation from a then 14-year-old girl that he raped her and watched while he forced an 11-year-old boy to do the same – was given a sentence that doesn’t even amount to a slap on the wrist. After a sweetheart deal, he pled guilty to 1 felony count out of the 64 and 1 misdemeanor about lying to officers.

The judge sentenced him to 6 months in jail for the lesser charge (of course, after receiving credit for 384 days served, it really means nothing) and a 1-year deferred sentence for his treatment of the child.

Children, the most vulnerable of our population, deserve protection under the law. Looking at these and other cases in recent years, it’s beginning to seem the American justice system has failed them.

We should all be outraged.

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