Warren Apologizes After Women of Color Walk Out

Warren Apologizes After Women of Color Walk Out

(UnitedVoice.com) – Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was forced to apologize on Thursday after half a dozen women of color quit her Nevada campaign.

Of these, at least three women said they felt as though they did not have a voice. The 70-person team was miserable, from their descriptions. The women said their superiors refused to address their grievances — which included a toxic work environment where their voices weren’t heard — at all.

Field Organizer Megan Lewis told a journalist the culture on the campaign was off, and when she complained, she was made to feel she should change who she is. Another one of the women said she was silenced and felt marginalized.

Warren apologized to the women and said she believed them “without reservation.”

She promised that she would address the problems with her team. What measures she will implement to keep this from happening again are unclear.

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