Was Victoria’s Secret in Bed With Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein’s sheer number of ties to wealthy individuals and politicians is astounding. Now, more disturbing details of his disgusting behaviors and powerful connections have been brought to light, even after his death by “suicide.” This newly discovered link between Epstein and Victoria’s Secret executives will shock you.

A Clothing Shop by Men for Men

Few women shop at Victoria’s Secret purely for their pleasure. The clothing store features all types of lingerie draped over scantily-clad mannequins and blown-up banners of models. Husbands and boyfriends are the true beneficiaries of Victoria’s Secret products — the marketing proves it.

Finding beautiful women was (and still is) the fuel that fires Victoria’s Secret ads.

Today, modern technology enables a skilled digital artist to transform any woman into a glorified sexual object, even if it is just in pictures. But, this technology wasn’t as advanced back in the 90s as it is now. Only the most attractive models were invited to photoshoots for advertising new products back then.

That’s where Epstein’s relationship with Leslie Wexner becomes relevant.

Executives Enable Epstein’s Endeavors

Epstein never technically worked for the Victoria’s Secret clothing chain. However, he had connections to high-level executives in L Brands, the parent company for the lingerie line. Leslie Wexner was the primary connection between Epstein and the lingerie superstore.

More specifically, Wexner gave Epstein access to Victoria’s Secret models.

Mansions of Depravity

Epstein would host “photoshoot auditions” for young girls in his New York mansion. Some of them even wore school uniforms when they walked through his doors. L Brand executives knew of the sexual abuse at hand when they informed Wexner, but none of them took action against Epstein’s sickening games.

Wexner and Epstein eventually broke ties, but not before Wexner gave him a palatial mansion on East 71st Street in 1998. This is the location where a great deal of Epstein’s sexual crimes took place. Even though the two cut communications, Epstein retained his access to Victoria’s Secret models.

The Connections Keep Going

MC2 Model Management, run by Jean-Luc Brunel, continued working with Victoria’s Secret. Brunel is accused of running sex-trafficking operations for extremely wealthy individuals like Epstein. The cycles of abuse seem to never end in this hyper-sexualized clothing industry.

Impressionable young women seeking fame and an exciting source of income through the lingerie giant were taken advantage of by Epstein and his friends. However conceited it may be, Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977 with the intention to please straight men through their product selection. Unfortunately, the clothing store quickly became an underground hub for sex trafficking and billionaire sexual predators.

Epstein is dead from an apparent suicide, but his sickening legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of his victims.

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