WATCH: Democrat Staffer BUSTED on Tape – Footage Released!

Democratic Staffer Caught Lying on Camera

Democratic Staffer Caught Lying on Camera

( – Project Veritas journalists seem to have a knack for recording Leftists telling uncomfortable truths. The latest example comes from Arizona, where a paid staffer admitted to lying about Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and his policies. The footage captures Evynn Bronson, a field agent for the political action committee (PAC) Mission for Arizona, telling an investigator just how many lies she’s willing to tell to get a Democrat elected. The PAC endorses and campaigns heavily for Arizona Democrats.

The liberal doesn’t seem concerned with courting true Conservatives. Instead, the plan is to go after Independents and moderate Republicans with a simple tactic: Tell them what they want to hear. Bronson openly admits, for example, that while Kelly is definitely not pro-life, she’s willing to tell those asking that he is. She says she tosses in excuses for his Democratic leanings, offering his desire to allow women to make their own choices.

The staffer says lying about political positions is an easy task because there’s a talking point to cover just about everything. She tells the undercover reporter her candidate has no choice but to play both sides, with 40% of voters undecided, even if that means bald-faced lies.

When it comes to the Republican opponent, Blake Masters, Bronson says in the video the mission is to point out he’s a far-right extremist who believes in the “crazy, crazy, crazy far-right conspiracy as you can get” and that his position is there were inconsistencies and other issues with the 2020 election.

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