Watch Out For This New Scam!

Watch out for This New Scam!

( – A new email scam has hit the internet, and it looks so legit that it’s fooling even the most diligent of users.

The scam, which targets Citibank customers, starts with a convincing-looking email that includes a link for people to update their information. Once they click on the link, they’ll be taken to a site that asks customers to enter their login information and update things like names, addresses, date of birth, social security number and debit card information.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, cybersecurity firms believe that as customers are entering their information on the fake site, the scammers are entering it on the real site to gain access to bank accounts.

The domain address being used for this scam, “” is very similar to the bank’s actual website, which makes this hoax even harder to spot.

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to call your bank anytime you receive an email requesting that you login to a site or asking for you to update your banking information.

Remember, when it comes to your privacy and your finances, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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