Wayfair Faces Child Trafficking Accusations

Wayfair Faces Child Trafficking Accusations

(UnitedVoice.com) – Over the weekend, a conspiracy theory blew up on social media. Users accused the home furnishing company Wayfair of child trafficking. People found several irregularities on the company’s website. But Wayfair vehemently denies the accusations. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are the Allegations?

The allegations against Wayfair first appeared on Thursday on the “conspiracy” section of Reddit. The original post that drew so much attention over the weekend was from a user who noticed some strange things on Wayfair’s website.

The first thing social media users pointed out was that the furniture store was selling utility closets from WFX that seemed way overpriced. One possible explanation was that Wayfair was child trafficking.

As the accusations spread over social media, users began combing through the Wayfair website, looking for other oddities. They found several different products with exorbitant prices. For example, one set of pillows and shower curtains were listed for $9,999.

And that wasn’t all they found.

Another very strange thing on Wayfair’s website was detected in the stock keeping unit numbers (SKU) associated with the overpriced products. Users noticed that the SKUs of the items were all preceded by the term “src usa.” When they typed the phrase with the SKUs into the Russian search engine Yandex, it pulled up pictures of little girls in swimsuits.

Users also noticed all of the Wayfair products carried names, which could possibly correspond to missing children. For example, one cabinet was called the “Anabel 5-shelf Storage Unit.” People associated that name with Anabel Wilson, a child who went missing from Kansas.

All of these things are weird. But does it add up to child trafficking? Some people certainly think so. Yet Wayfair has denounced the whole story as false.

Wayfair Statement

Wayfair strongly denies the accusations. In a statement to Newsweek, they said there was no truth to the claims. According to Wayfair, the outrageous prices on items like the cabinets are accurate.

 Making the whole story even more strange, the furniture company removed the listings for the products in question after people started asking questions. They said they removed them because the descriptions and photos didn’t adequately explain the high prices.

Wayfair says they have temporarily removed the listings so they could rename the products and provide a more in-depth description to justify the price.

Why This Is So Concerning

Whether this is just a conspiracy theory or not, an accusation like this is a big deal. Child trafficking is a serious problem in the United States. Every year around 800,000 children are reported missing. That breaks down to roughly 2,000 kids every single day taken from their families.

More than 100 children every year are involved in “stranger abduction” cases. That means an unknown person took them. So when credible accusations are made, they should be thoroughly investigated.

We’ll update you as the story develops.

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