Website Crashes as Users Flood in To Watch “My Son Hunter”

Website Crashes as Users Flood in To Watch

Hunter Biden Strikes Again – Breaks The Internet!

( – A new film about Hunter Biden’s business dealings went online Wednesday — and a surge of traffic immediately crashed the site. Thousands of people rushed to download the movie, and servers couldn’t keep up. Fortunately, Breitbart quickly got it up and running again to meet the demand.

The great unreported scandal of the 2020 election was about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, his dubious business deals, and how closely involved the president was. The media didn’t want to touch the story, and social media companies actively suppressed it. But now, “My Son Hunter,” a new movie distributed by Breitbart News, tells the full story of Hunter’s shady deals with hostile nations, his drug-fueled lifestyle, and his relationship with his father, including the notorious laptop with its incriminating emails.

“My Son Hunter,” starring British actor Laurence Fox as the president’s son and John James as Biden himself, went live on September 7. Demand was so great the website quickly went down. Breitbart VP Elizabeth Moore claims, “We’ve never seen anything like it.” Still, she said their customer service team managed to restore the service, and it’s now keeping up with download requests.

If you want to see the movie, it’s available to download or stream from

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