WH Press Secretary Repeats Warning for Americans to Leave Ukraine

WH Press Secretary Repeats Warning for Americans to Leave Ukraine

(UnitedVoice.com) – In the months leading up to the US exit from Afghanistan, the State Department issued multiple warnings urging Americans to leave the country. Those notices were either ignored or didn’t reach many of the US citizens and what ended up happening was an unmitigated disaster. The White House is hoping to avoid a similar situation in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, February 9, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeated warnings by President Joe Biden and the State Department urging non-essential Americans to leave Ukraine.

In October, there were about 6,600 Americans in the Eastern European nation. The federal government wants them to board commercial flights while they are available and get out of the country just in case Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to invade.

In January Paski urged Americans to leave Ukraine as well. At the time she said there were no plans for a military evacuation of the US citizens who choose to remain in the country.

New reports indicate the Biden administration might be putting together a plan to evacuate Americans after all. The plan would allegedly include using the 82nd Airborne Division to evacuate US citizens through Poland and get them to safety. Nothing has been made official, though.

The bottom line is, if there are Americans in Ukraine, they need to leave now.

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