What Did Trump REALLY Say About Social Security?

What Did Trump REALLY Say About Social Security?

(UnitedVoice.com) – Over the weekend, President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending payroll taxes to help put money in the pockets of workers and boost the economy. Conservative economists hailed it as a big win, and Democrats did what they always do no matter if Trump does something good or not – voraciously attack him. One of the big claims was how the president was removing Social Security benefits.

Aside from the fact that Joe Biden proposed the same payroll tax cut in 2011, did Trump actually sign away Social Security?

The Onslaught

The attacks were expected — even though Democrats refused to negotiate a COVID-19 relief bill in good faith. The president boxed them into a corner with four executive orders that provided Americans some relief.

What did Democrats do? They tried to hijack the process when they passed the $3.7 trillion HEROES Act in June that was full of special-interest pork that had nothing to do with relief for Americans. They knew it would never pass the Senate, but tried to get ahead of Republicans anyway in a sad attempt to score political points.

Democrats Deflect

Now that the Democrats are exposed, they are all over the media trying to whip up fear among older voters. They claim the president is attempting to terminate Social Security. The party hopes the tactic will deflect from the positive moves Trump made while simultaneously claiming he’s trying to hurt the very people he said he would protect.

Historically, Democrats are great at deflecting and conjuring up images of Republicans enacting policies that hurt people. In the 90s, they claimed Republicans were trying to hurt hungry kids. In the 2000s, they claimed the GOP was going after Medicare and created the classic “throw granny from cliff” commercial.

They have done it so well for so long that they were able to back down Republican proposals that made good economic and public policy sense. However, that doesn’t work with Trump. Instead of capitulating, he fights back.

What DOES the Executive Order Do?

From September 1 through the end of the year, the executive order would allow workers to suspend the 6.2% payroll tax that helps pay for Social Security. Next year, the tax would need to be repaid due unless Congress makes the suspension permanent, which is highly unlikely.

According to the non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, if the tax were not paid back, the consequence to Social Security would be “negligible.” In the worst-case scenario, the trust fund might go insolvent one week earlier, based on current projections.

Did Trump Say He Wanted to Terminate Social Security?

No. Trump never said that; in fact, he said the opposite. The president consistently says he will save Social Security.

During the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Trump repeatedly said Social Security and Medicare would be preserved. Since then, the president has said numerous times he will protect the program that people have paid into their entire lives. He also knows the long-term prospects of the program are not good, which he’s addressing. He has proposed to preserve it by taking back the money that has been lost in bad deals, the billions of dollars lost through social programs to illegal immigrants, and through continued economic growth over time.

On Sunday, August 9, the Trump campaign released a video of then-Sen. Joe Biden talking on the Senate floor. He said he introduced legislation that would cut spending, including Social Security and Medicare. He said he didn’t just try it once, but at least four times.

It seems Democrats should be careful before they wrongly accuse someone of doing what their candidate attempted multiple times, and previously proposed in 2011. The bottom line is an election is a few months away. Democrats are losing on the issues and need a deflection. Is there a better one than misrepresenting the president for political gain?

They just keep falling for the trap. However, can you blame Democrats for trying? What else can they do? Email us and let us know what you think!

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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