What Do Clowns and Democrats Have in Common?

They Can Make You Laugh and Scare You at the Same Time


Pundits React to the 1st Democratic Party Circus Debate of the 2020 Race

The first debate of the 2020 Democrats presidential primary season is in the books. Now, politicians, observers and commentators take their shots and skewer the candidate herd for their hypocrisy and… let’s go with tomfoolery.

Who Are the Candidates?

Obviously, the first thing anybody running for political office wants you to know is who they are. Or so you’d think anyways. Sometimes though, they just miss the mark. Are they superheroes? Take a look at Tim Ryan and make the call yourself.

Then there’s Elizabeth Warren who may have been fighting to exercise her 5th Amendment right to remain silent about her prior claims.


Trying to be sophisticated is hard work! With all the talk going on about immigration, some candidates, like Beto O’Rourke, wanted to show their support by speaking to them in their native language. Sort of.

One wag even pondered on Beto’s fluency in a language shared by geeks and Lt. Worf.

Mid-Week Color Comics

Among the most poignant takes on the debate are those that come from the pens of some talented artists. Political cartoons use both words and images to make a big statement in a small rectangle. In the first example, a true image of the political ideology of the lefties and their feelings on the sanctity of human life.

Another visual commentary brings into focus just how a good portion of the American population feels about the party of hate and its members. In deference to Liz Warren, we will refrain from calling them a tribe.

The Best of the Rest

Wait! Evangelical liberals or just a bunch of babbling nutters? The cacophony was deafening.

Now here’s a woman who never met an opinion she didn’t like. This kind of takes Progressive Liberal hypocrisy to dizzying heights.

Two nights, ten people each night, and a lot of head scratching. Many Americans were left wondering who all these people on their TV screens were.

But we know…

So Who Won the Thing Anyway?

Some are saying Elizabeth Warren won, others contend it was Kamala Harris. Nobody is saying it was Joe Biden (whose high point was knowing when to stop talking on one occasion).

Nor are there claims flying around that it was America that came out on top. But all-in-all it may have been the Babylon Bee that hit the nail on the head.

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