What Families Can Expect From Medicare For All

What Families Can Expect From Medicare For All

Medicare for All, the magical phrase that makes Liberals dance with joy. Although most people on the Right know that the Socialist idea isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, there’s finally a study to back them up.

The Heritage Foundation recently released research that shows just how harmful Medicare for All would be to the majority of Americans.

According to the study, “Among households with employer-sponsored health benefits, 87.2% would be worse off financially under a new government-run health care program, and their annual disposable income would be $10,554 lower, on average.”

Why would disposable income go down so much? The Heritage Foundation says that workers would be paying much higher taxes to fund the program and they would need to cover people who choose not to work.

Once again, the Dems want to reward the lazy members of society and punish the hard-working ones.

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